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Welcome to Eddy's Group

Eddys Group Information Technology Services, is a company specialized in offering Information Technology productsand solutions. After many years of development, achievements and expertise in this domain, the company claims to be one of the most sophisticated organizations offering the best,yet the most suitable solutions for all possible situations. Our crew is fully devoted to succeed any mission as we consider all tasks, challenges no matter how easy it might be. It is with such attitude that we overcome all the situations we deal with. When it comes to enlarging our team, we seek for the right person for the right position. we seek for Specialization, Experience, Proven skills, the ability to overcome any conflict, fast learning and the will to improve and develop for superiority. We offer solutions for SOHO, small to medium scaled Offices, medium to large scaled enterprises. Our collaborations and partnerships with the best providers is represented by a wide range of products distributed into many sections like Software, Hardware and Networking. As for the solutions we offer, the range from the smallest piece of hardware and moving to huge backup plans: we offer A-Z Network design, implementation and maintenance, Voice over IP services, Backup design and solutions, Software and Hardware Consultancy, Web Hosting and Design.