Web App Development

Why Eddy's Group

Our long journey in the web development field has taught us a lot about coding, User Exprerience and User Interface. We develop great quality code and use the best technology available at our disposal to provide preformance and ease of use.
We use popular technologies and stacks like the MERN stack, the LAMP stack, Laravel framework and many more well known technologies.

Our web stack

For web app development we mainly use 2 stacks:

  • Laravel Framework: We use it to develop secure and robust web applications. Laravel is known for it's reliability and flexibility.

  • MERN: The mern stack is one of the top growing web development technologies. It is consostent, fast and really flexible. Mongo DB is a noSQL database that is use for big data, Express is a verry robust framework for Node JS and React is really fast an well mintained. All of these technologies help make a great web application that will serve you for many years to come.

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