Mobile App Development

Why should I have a mobile app?

Owning an iPhone/android app for your business makes sense for different reasons. First, a business app can bring in more sales and possibly new customers once word about it gets around. This is especially true if your business is at retail or wholesale. Second, the right business app will be an additional service to your customers so that their own business transactions with you and with other companies will get easier. There is actually a multitude of apps that were designed for the iPhone out there but you will probably enjoy having your own unique app to showcase your company’s products and services.

Mobile Development Technologies:

For android apps web use android studio which can be used with either Kotlin or Java. This ensures that our app is written in native code that is specific to the android platform.

As for iPhone, iPad, iPod and all other apple products, we use swift which is also native code for iOS amd macOS applications.

By using native code for iOS and Android we ensure that we always use the latest technology available at our disposal and we can use unique features of both android and iOS.

A second option is to use React Native. A single source code is written, so we have 2 similar apps for iphone and android and then they are mapped to their native code wich ensures the best perfomance.

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